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Spring has sprung, and I hope you are ready to. 🌻 I just had a little moment looking at the seasons, not so long it was Winter then Fall and now it’s Spring soon it will be Summer. All these four seasons come at their given time, for given reasons and they play their purposes…


It’s the 9th of August as I am writing this but it’s a few days later after the 9th as you read it. I hope you had a great women’s day (if you are a woman) and are in South Africa. I’ve just turned 30 so I’m officially on the 3rd floor. I have always…

A quick prayer!

Life is hard and with its hardship a lot of things happen, some people end up losing their faith because of how hard one’s life can get. My prayer these days is a song that is mostly sung, it’s a Zulu song that says “Hlala enhlizweni yami ngize ngikubone” which simply translates as Stay in…

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