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To be pure, to remain pure, can only come at the price of knowing God and loving Him enough to do His will. He will always give us the strength we need to keep purity as something beautiful for Him. – Mother Teressa

For most of us if not for all of us, when we hear the word purity our minds automatically go to abstaining from sex. Even though abstaining from sexual relations is part of purity, there is more to purity than sex and there is more to sex than penetration.
I remember during my Sunday school days we use to sing a song that goes like this:

Qaphela mehlo wami ubonani (Be aware my eyes what you see)
Qaphela ndlebe zami ulalelani (Be aware my ears what you listen to)
Qaphela nyawo zami uhamba phi (Be aware my legs where you walk)
Qaphela zandla zami uthintani (Be aware my hands what you touch)
Ngoba uJesu usezulwini uyabona emhlabeni, Qaphela! (Because Jesus is in heaven and He can see in the earth so be aware)

This song has simply taught us that purity includes what you see, what you smell, what you touch, what you think, what you listen to, and where you walk. It’s a lot more than we think or imagine. Many people are out there still keeping their virginity but not guarding their thoughts, what they watch, or what they read about, which can stain their purity. The word of God tells us that we can sin by our thoughts, meaning thinking about anything impure automatically you have sinned and fall short of the grace of God. Hence the Bible says we all have because you thinking about it is sinning and it all starts in thoughts before it goes to actions. We have to be in control of our thoughts and thoughts are cultivated by what we see so we have to be careful of what we allow our eyes to see, our hands to touch, our ears to listen to, etc.

I would liken purity to a white sheet, whenever it gets in contact with anything impure or dirty, it will reflect on the sheet. It could be a little spill of juice or tea on that white sheet, the stain it leaves will make it dirty. Even if it’s white milky tea once it reaches that white sheet there will be a stain. It might just look like a simple dot but it’s a stain and the owner of the sheet will notice, that this sheet is no longer clean as before. The same thing applies to us, no matter how little the not so pure thing you have been in contact with it still stains and defiles your purity. The moment you start watching things you wouldn’t watch in public, the more you are straining yourself. I know many ask questions like how will I know this is not pure? Truth is you know, you don’t need anyone telling you that this is pure or impure, deep down in your heart you know.
So we can conclude that purity is something that comes from the heart, or rather a heart decision. If you work on purifying your heart, you will know the dos and the dont to keep walking in purity.

The bible says blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God (Mathew 5:8). Since we know that God is pure, there is no evil in Him and nothing impure can come closer to Him. We must purify ourselves in the heart to be able to fellowship with God. You may be wondering how can one purify their heart, the word of God is your answer, immerse yourself in the word of God. I believe that the word is pure in every way and can never mislead you but rather it will direct your path in a Godly way. Once you have decided to purify your heart, you will effortlessly walk in Purity whether in private or in public, because it is in your heart.

Stay away from anything that can come in between your relationship with Christ. If it doesn’t take you closer to God but drives you away from Him then it’s not worth it, stay away from it. Our main aim in this walk with Christ is to get closer to Him, is to be more like Him, and to live our lives in a way that brings honor and glory to Him as our father if it doesn’t do that don’t do it. Runaway from anything that takes away the glory of God and His will, I say Run!!

One thing about doing impure things is that they separate us from God and the enemy is always ready to condemn us, reminding us of our impure deeds, telling us how we don’t qualify to do this and that because of what we have done. But, the great news is that it’s not all lost that’s not the end of the road we can always run back to God and ask for forgiveness. He is forever willing to forgive us and start all over with us, again just like how the father received the prodigal son. God does the same with us, let’s run back to Him and thereafter run away from anything that wants to stain our purity in all forms!

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