Happy youth month! June is said to be a youth month in South Africa because of how the youth in 1976 stood up and fought for our education. In honor of this month, I had a chat with some young people who are dedicated to Christ and the things of Christ. I just wanted to pick their mind on what they would say to other young people given a chance.

This week I would love to share with you some gems I gathered while conserving with my little sister, Lungele Ndaba. She spoke about three books and gave me three main points from these three books.

The first book is 1 Corinthians 7: 32-35, in this chapter Paul, is speaking to us about how for a single person it is easier to pursue God and to be devoted to the things of God than it is for married people. So, Lungele was advising us as a youth to pursue God in our youth. She said, “Give God your best years, fully devote yourself to Him in your youth. Serve in the ministry and discover the anointing that God has placed down on the inside of you.” She was saying “Khathalela okweNkosi”, you are single, you have all the time to dedicate to the Lord, find God, spend time with God, give your all to God while you still have all the time in your hands. I believe that when you are married and don’t have time when you have to make time for God and His things out of your busy life. The moments you use to dedicate to God during your youth days sustain you, they keep you connected and going through this life thing. Let’s seek God in our time of singleness it will pay off when we need it the most!

She then stated that will help us to discover our anointing and once your anointing is discovered, you need to work on it fully. Answering your calling with the understanding that you are called by God, so He will protect you through it all.
The second book is 1 Timothy 4:12
“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”
“After you have dedicated your life to pursuing God and God has shown you your calling then set an example,” she said and this part had me thinking about how one should walk the talk. The world is filled with many people who don’t mind telling you what to do or preaching to you the good news but living the direct opposite of that. She shared her own experience on this one where she was pursuing God, operating on her ministry, or serving at church but she didn’t set an example because she got involved in a relationship with an unbeliever and that was a recipe for disaster because the bible warns us about being unequally yoked. She said this relationship led her into compromising; herself, her relationship with God, and mostly the calling that God has placed over her life.

“Don’t be a Samson with a Delilah because Samson was called but he was in a relationship with someone who was not equal yoked with him. So, she took that opportunity to temper with his anointing but cutting his hair which was attached with his anointing. This means if you enter into a relationship with an unbeliever you are compromising your faith and anointing. Don’t allow anything to cut you off from God, don’t put yourself in such situations.” She said as she narrated her experience of dating a nonbeliever. Just like me she also believes that whether one date or not it’s a personal decision but one has to be aware of the relationship is taking them closer or away from God. Its God above everything, we mustn’t let being in a relationship cause us to act like we are in marriage because those two are very much different. When you are in a relationship (umjolo) you are single as of 1 Corinthians 7: 32-35 so use that time wisely by getting closer and closer to God until that guy marries you then the word of God also allows you to care about your spouse.

“The word of God says to seek first the Kingdom then everything else will be added to you. Delight yourself in Him and the desires of your heart will be added unto you. Everything starts with God, pursuing God in your youth comes with a guarantee that everything will be added unto you. David says God will perfect that which concerns me. So, when you concern your life with the things of God, God will concern Himself with your things. Start with God and everything else will flow from there and just serve in the Kingdom of God because that comes with pursuing God falling in love with Him.” I just had to quote this part as it is because I couldn’t have said it better, we are called to pursue God and His things then wait as everything else fall into place.

Then the last scripture is the first book of Jeremiah from verse 4, in this book God was telling Jeremiah how He ordained and anointed him way before he was born. The anointing was with him before he was born, regardless of who supports him, who is there for him the anointing and the ordination are already there with him. In verse 6 Jeremiah is complaining about the fact that he is young and God is like a child, I have called you and I have ordained you so I have this under control. To say we can’t follow God’s call because we are young or we don’t qualify that’s prideful so we need to repent on that and then follow the call of God upon our lives. Looking at the bible we see that everyone who was called had some faults or their background didn’t allow them to be anointed or ordained but because God calls the unqualified and qualifies them. He called them and ordained them regardless of age, background, their sins, and all. So, if you are a young person and there is a call over your life answer it and pursue it knowing that God is with you through it all. Obey the call over your life.

In verse 8 God promises Jeremiah that He will be with him. You as a young person who is called, need to trust and believe that the will of God will not take you or call you where it won’t sustain you. Wherever He calls you, He will be with you and we see Him equipping Jeremiah in verse 9 so if you feel unequipped rest assured that God will equip you. You are called to destroy the works of darkness and plant the works of lights, your calling is made to take up space and frustrate the enemy. To uproot, destroy and toll down the principalities and rulers of darkness through your calling. The enemy understands the calling over your life, He knows that the minute you step in, into the plan and purpose of God through your life it’s game over for him. So, he is trying, by all means, to prevent you from knowing your full potential. God is with you, He is watching over you and every word He has said over you will come to pass and it’s true over your life.

I think the last part of our conversation which is Jeremiah 1: 4- end had to be narrated as it is. It’s our month as the youth and Lungele are challenging us to pursue God with our all and in the same book Jeremiah 33:3 God says: “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.” So if we are in the journey of pursuing Him, we can always ask Him anything including our purpose. Once we know our purpose or call over our lives we can then perform fully and wholeheartedly in that making sure we are exemplary as Lungele is saying. We don’t have to care how old we are, we just have to trust God and trust the calling over our lives. Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4).

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