The LORD is my shepherd; I have everything I need.
-Psalms 23:1

From a very young age, I have always known that God has a plan and a purpose for my life. Being an illegitimate child, borne of my mother who was not married and my father who was married to someone else is proof that I had to be born no matter what. This situation caused me to grow up living with my mother independently. She was always busy with everything else except for being my mother, which resulted in negligence but God has always had my back. He basically adopted me as His very own or rather took me back to Himself because I was His before I was my mom’s.

I was only thirteen when God led me to salvation, I believe He did this Himself because one Sunday I heard people singing loudly and so beautifully at a community hall and I found myself there joining them without thinking twice. With my love for music, I couldn’t just ignore the beautiful music or settle into hearing it from far I had to move closer. When I got there the pastor preached about the Love of God, the love that God has for His people. This is exactly what I lacked and needed at that time, so when the pastor had an alter call for those who wanted to accept this God as their Lord and savior. I quickly raised my hand as I saw people older than me doing it. I did that mostly because I needed this God, I needed His love, I needed someone who will choose me over and over again, I needed acceptance and mostly I needed someone who will keep me company as I was a lonely little girl. The way the pastor spoke about this God I knew He was exactly what I needed and more.

That day was a turning point of my life as a whole, even though I didn’t know much about this God only what I heard at that hour or so of preaching I knew I needed Him and everything else He brings with Him. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge I just caught a glimpse of Him and I wanted Him to myself. As I started to attend church every Sunday, God blessed me with friends who loved me dearly and cared for me deeply. That was the end of my lonely life, I felt loved so I couldn’t stop attending church every Sunday and that helped me to grow in my walk with Christ and to understand Christianity much better. Just when I was convinced that my life has changed for the better, I lost my mother which meant I basically became an orphan since my dad was never in the picture but God had me in mind all along. Deuteronomy 31:6 became my go-to verse as in every situation I had to remind myself that I need to hold on to the promise that God will never leave me. I pressed on knowing that if He showed up for others, even for me He will show up!
A few months after my mom’s passing, I had to move in with my mother’s sister. You would think because I am moving in with my aunt things will be better instead they worsened. In my aunt’s house, I experienced all forms of abuse, I actually became their maid. This one time I tried to stand up for myself and that didn’t end well because I ended up being stabbed by a bottle and having boiling water poured into my skin while I was busy washing dishes. I then decided to move to my father’s family even though I knew they never wanted me due to the circumstances I was born under. I went there hoping that things will be better only to be faced with rejection, they rejected me with no hesitation or remorse. So, now I was unwanted by both my mother’s family and my father’s family so I became homeless at the age of 16. There is one thing I know and that is even though both my families had no room for me, God rich in mercy and love had a room prepared especially for me.

Through it all I was never alone, God has always been with me, giving me the strength to endure all the hardships and see me through. Not even once have I ever doubted that God is with me and He is for me. Even though I was homeless, deep down I knew that God hasn’t brought me this far to leave me and He has brought me here for a reason, one that is bigger than myself. He indeed showed up and showed off as He provided me with a family, one that we are not blood-related with but they welcomed me to their home and loved me as their own. That was only God’s doing no one else’s. He did this by His blood which makes us related in a new and amazing way which careless about the DNA and everything but the oneness in Christ. God used my mess to give me a message, with my mother who has always neglected me, and my absent father I got to experience having parents who are something I never knew. God used my new family to heal me of all my childhood traumas and caused me to be able to experience a family structure that I wouldn’t have experienced with my biological family.

I never saw myself as a graduate even in my wildest dream, but because of God 🙌🏾. I managed to study and passed my matric well and was able to enroll in varsity and pursued a degree in education which I obtained. God took care of my finances like He always does with everything else. Had God not taken me out of my family I wouldn’t be a graduate and I would probably be with a kid or two by now. I am the first graduate at home and the first one to be 24 years without a child out of wedlock and I only have God to thank for all that. It has always been God, from day one till today and I know there’s still more that God has in store for me. God doesn’t forsake those He calls His very own. He provides all that we need as long as we remain in Him.

I am a true definition of God’s goodness, I have seen God throughout my life. Everyone else changes but God is consistent, He remains faithful forever. He keeps His promises, if He has promised, He sure will deliver. He is the father to the fatherless, defender of the defenseless. You can trust all that He has spoken to you because all God’s promises are tied to the ultimate standard of truth which is God Himself! Find comfort and rest knowing that God who has begun the good work in you shall complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.


Wow! This testimony was a mouthful, I don’t even know what to say other than iyaphila lento which means this thing of Christ is alive. Through it all, we must rest assured that Christ is with us and He is for us, no matter how hard the situation we may be facing we have to rest in Romans 8:28 that all things are working together for our good. We might not understand currently but soon enough we will and everything will make perfect sense. A very huge thank you to my little sister Nompilo Vilakazi for sharing her testimony with us, may God richly bless you sis, and may you keep on seeing the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

If you also want to share your testimony with us or you have something you want us to write about, please do reach out.

Email: thandile.malunga@gmail.com
Facebook: Thandile Malunga
Instagram: @thaa_mal
Thank you so so much, be blessed!


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