By khanani Mabasa

I remember some time back, during the December holidays when I was home in Limpopo, the heat was extremely hot. If you’ve been in the North during summer you will know what am talking about. It went around 40 to 43 degrees Celsius, being outside wasn’t an option neither inside the house, only if your house has an air conditioner.
During the day the sun got worse, and we had a broken air conditioner in the house. The air conditioner had been dead for some time but I only realized how useless it was that day. Imagine its purpose is to help blow cold air in such a time like that, but rather it was of no use since it was broken.

I then asked my brother, why do we still have this air conditioner in the house, can’t he just remove it and throw it away. I said this as I was frustrated by the sun and wanted to make peace with the fact that we don’t have an air conditioner. His response was like no, we shouldn’t remove it, it’s just gonna be for decoration, visitors will hardly tell if it’s working or not. I now believe you can tell what had just happened, we just diverted the air conditioner into a flower of the house, because its work was to decorate the house instead of serving us by blowing air. Guess what happened to, later on, it attracted rust because it wasn’t doing its job.
You may be wondering where I am going with this, but wait, the message is, anything that you have ever bought or buys, you expect it to serve its purpose. If it happens not to do what you intended it for, it’s useless and depressing to keep it, also it becomes disastrous if you try to switch it into something else. So we can all agree that everything we own has to suppose to serve us somehow, it can be a jacket that you wear in winter, a vest that you wear in summer, you name it.

As we are still in our youth month, I want to remind you that, there is a purpose that you need to fulfill. You were not put in this world to watch others walk in their purpose, no you were put here for a greater purpose. Nothing can be more satisfying than knowing your purpose and walk in it. God created you with a plan in His heart and is awaiting you to respond to it.

Just like that dead air conditioner, you are not created to decorate this earth or to add to the number so we can say you were here. No matter who you are, or wherever you may find yourself right now, there is a specific task waiting for you to do. Sometimes you may be intimidated by those who seem to be doing very well, and never start with yours. However, the fact is no one will ever replace you, and do exactly what you are supposed to do. Can you imagine how God feels when we just live like we are lost and were not supposed to be here?.

With our busy lives, where we all seem to be pursuing riches, advancing our careers, and all other things, we tend to lose who we are. However in pursuit of all other things, we should never miss our purpose, I do not think God will be interested in our achievements outside the purpose He invested in us. It is one thing to know your purpose and another thing if you do and never walk in it. If you’ve been wondering, what is your purpose and what are you here for, the Bible in Colossians 1:16 in the Message translation says: “Everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him” so you only get to find who you are in God.

It can be tradegious if we all want to be musicians, doctors, motivators, teachers, accountants, engineers, preachers, models, authors, athletes, or anything else that you can think of. So many are stuck in trying to imitate others, which only leaves them miserable. It is one thing to have people you look up to, and another thing to try and look like them, walk in your lane, and the right helpers will come your way. Just imagine a fish trying to run on the ground instead of swimming in the water, yes that’s what happens when you try to be someone else instead of being yourself.

This is an invitation that as a young person, walk in your purpose, do what you love, serve others with what God has invested in you. You do not need a degree to be yourself, all you need is to ask God, He will surely direct you. The interesting thing about purpose is, it is something that you were born with and you are likely to know about it. It is that specific thing that gives you peace when you do it, some purposes do not need a crowd, and some are silent, for instance, you may be called to be a giver. You do not have to go around telling people how giving you are, just give, your giving will speak for you. Some their purpose is to help others, give hope, comfort, counsel organizers, etc. These are all silent and those called to do these are likely to sit and do nothing thinking themselves to be minors, however, these are needed the most to function well.

In our country, you are called youth only if you are below the age of 35, but I say it is not too late to ask God of your purpose at the age of 40 or 45. To those who already know their purpose and are still procrastinating to start walking in it, I say the time is now, walk in it. To those who are already walking in it; congratulations, do not stop, you are on the right track, my prayer is that all of us can do what we are put here for. Trust me, it might not give you all the Monies you wanna have, but surely the fulfillment it brings is unmatched. Arise and shine dear young person (Isaiah 60:1) , Happy Youth month!!

Thank you for being here and for reading 🥰.

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