It was the 26th of June last year when we posted the first blog , it was a snippet of who I am, that’s exactly how the blog post was titled. The was no even certainity of what I was doing or if anyone was going to take time and read my work but I took a leap of faith anyway. Today, it’s been a year since I have been in the blogging streets and I don’t have any regrets. Yes, it hasn’t been easy but there has been a lot of growth, as a writer, a blogger, and in my Christian life.All I had to do was to start and then leave the rest to God. If you also have something deep inside you that you would like to start but you are scared and have the what-ifs, my advice is to break free from fear and start, I promise God will take care of everything else.

When I started Christ-seasoned the blog I was not sure there will even be one reader but look at us now, I have you. I was the only writer when I started but now I have my girl Khanani Mabasa writing once a month and in that there is growth and I am super grateful to God for that. It doesn’t end there, we also have some exciting news as Christ-seasoned is no longer just a blog but this year as we celebrate this first anniversary we recently launched a Christ-seasoned brand. Which is a clothing brand, where you can buy t-shirts, hoodies, pants, sweaters, and a lot more stuff that we will be offering. We also allow people to have their own Christ-Seasoned design. For instance, if you want to own a certain shirt design that is Christ-seasoned you let us know the design, color, and everything and we do that for you. We are providing everything and anything as long as it is seasoned with Christ.

Christ-seasoned is found under the book of Colossians 4:6 which says; “Let your speech at all times be gracious (pleasant and winsome), seasoned [as it were] with salt, [so that you may never be at a loss] to know how you ought to answer anyone [who puts a question to you].” This simply means that whatever we say, whatever we do should be seasoned with Christ at all times and through it all and this is done in such a time as this as Esther 4:14 says. You can include either of these scriptures in your apparel but not only limited to these two or the words “For such a time as this”, you can go wild and crazy on what to include as long as what you are including is seasoned with Christ. The aim and the mandate are to be a generation that is seasoned with Christ, in our speech, in our actions, and even in our fashion sense. Let the whole world know that we are a generation that is seasoned with Christ, the clothing makes a statement about you even before you make one for yourself.

We are not all good in preaching or testifying to people about Christ, let’s grab this opportunity of making Christ known and testifying about Him through our clothing. Let the person who sees you in the mall or in the surrounding area where you go attest that indeed this thing of Christ is real, before they even see your character, hear your speech, let them see and read your apparel.

If you are willing to own any Christ-seasoned apparel, please do check us out on our socials

Facebook: @Christ-seasoned
Instagram: @Christ_seasoned
WhatsApp : 076 5849 213

Have a Christ-seasoned week and don’t forget to start what you have pressed in your heart and trust God to do what only He can. Lastly, thank you so much for being here, may God meet you at your place of deepest need.

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