“Hurt people hurt people” I have had this phrase a lot and every time it is being said it makes perfect sense to me. If one is hurt and they don’t take time to deal with their hurt and heal from it, they end up hurting everyone around them. With everything that has been or is going on in South Africa, it might be a cry for help from hurt people. South Africans might be hurting people by looting their stores and burning stuff because they are hurt. This is not me condemning their actions but this is me trying to look for a different perspective in all this.

There is nothing we can say that hasn’t been sad or do that hasn’t been done. The only thing that we can do now gives our knees their food and ask God to intervene and help our beloved country. God is the only one who can help us in the healing process so we need Him more than we have ever needed anything. A song by Dr. Tumi which says: “You have said you will never leave us, we need you now” just popped up in my mind as I was praying, indeed we need God now more than ever. If you are reading this please pray for South Africa, please ask God to please come through for us. We can’t do a thing without Him, we sure need Him now more than ever. If there has ever been a time we have ever needed God as South Africa, it has to be now.

My prayer is that may this moment be an awaking moment for our officials that we need help, may they see this as the cry for help and come to our rescue, God helping them with all the wisdom and the knowledge they need. After fixing all the malls and stocking for all the shops and fixing every other damaged thing, may they realize that we the people of South Africa need fixing just as much and we need employment or opportunities just as much. I pray that they may look to the poor and disadvantaged and realize that putting them first on their list is a must because they need them just as much.

Punopolis wrote a poem on her Instagram page and it reads:

I hope, that when the fires stop you will not stop praying for our country.
I hope, when the shelves are restocked the poor will become a personal, a public, and a state priority.
I hope, when the streets have been cleared you will pray that it will be in our conscience, our actions, our words as it is in heaven.
I hope, when the blood-curling cry ends, our leaders will be convicted by a greater sense of integrity.
I hope when the storm ends and the next one brews on the horizon, we will humble ourselves.
I can only hope, that not will only this pass but it will change us and teach us.
I hope.

I resonate with these words so much that I had to change them into a prayer and be like Lord may everything that Punopolis is hoping for come to pass because you oh Lord are in control of it all. I trust God it will all come to pass, we will come out of this better and wiser in Jesus’ name.

Pray for our country, we are bleeding and we are breathing through the wound. Siphefumula ngenxeba!

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