“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in the abundance of counselors there is safety.”
-Proverbs 11:14

No one has ever stood before me and said; “Thandile, abazalwane abayi kwi therapy” (Thandile, saints don’t go to therapy). It would be a lie to say someone taught me or said that to me at some point. However deep down I knew that I am supposed to trust God when it comes to my mental issues, nothing else but God. This is weird because as much as I trust God for my physical health, I still take medication when I get sick and trust Him for provision to my needs. For most of us, this is the case, we have always thought therapy is for certain people and it has to be unsaved because saints are supposed to pray about their mental issues, nothing else. This is also weird because saints also get married at some point in their lives because our bodies need helpers, why can’t we see a therapist when our minds need help as well?

If I were to ask how you feel or felt about therapy at some point in your life. I am certain your answer would be the same as mine but we have learned and know better now, right? If you don’t know better yet, you are today going to know better.

I have never been to therapy, but I am certainly looking forward to the day I will start seeing a professional therapist and I pray that day is soon. I don’t afford therapy right now. After all, I need a professional Christian therapist as I want them to apply their education and still align with my spirituality in helping me deal with my traumas and difficulties in this life thing. I can’t get the liberty to choose if I go to public therapists that are easily accessible, I will have to take what I am being offered hence I have to wait.

I am sure you are wondering what changed my mind now that I would love to go to a therapist one day. Truth is I have seen people who have had issues and they went to therapy and they came back better and mostly they came back knowing what needed to be dealt with, which made it easy for them to go to God and be like; “Lord this is where the problem is. Please heal me here!” from where I am I have learned that therapy makes you aware of your brokenness instead of it replacing Christ, it points you to Christ. I say so because after you have seen how broken you are, the only place you want to run to is to Christ, so He can heal you as your therapist can’t heal you, they can only help you see your brokenness and the root of it all. Then from there, you will have to deal with whatever findings you get and that’s where you will realize that you don’t have the power or strength to deal with this but you can only run to Jesus so that He can help you. Therapy helps you come to Jesus with a clear picture of what you are going through, it makes you acknowledge your brokenness, and then you can take a step of asking God for healing and being particular about it.

There are many things that different people find therapeutic, it could be books, watching stars, taking a drive, etc. I saw a poster yesterday says that; “Sometimes road trips are the therapy you need.” This shows that we do need something that will help us to deal with life, either to forget what we currently going through or remember exactly what caused us to be going through what we are currently going through. I think road trips make your mind be at ease and you somehow forget but for how long? While reading might help you remember what happened to you but it doesn’t take care of the whole situation. This is why you need an actual therapist who will help you remember like a book and then help you in dealing with the situation not necessarily forget like the road trip does (as so I think). A few years back I was reading a book and it triggered me into everything that happened to me when I was still young. It only helped me remember it didn’t help me deal with what I just remembered I had to talk to someone and tell them what I just remember. Then I took it to God and ask Him for help so I could deal with it the best way possible. I believe this is why we need therapists so that they will help us remember our pains and then listen to ask as we narrate them then come with possible solutions. Hence, I need a saved therapist so that their solution will point me to nothing else but Christ.

I pray I get to find therapy before I get married because, if I am to get married now then I will be forced to go to therapy for the sake of my partner and our kids. That means it won’t just be for myself anymore but also for them because I don’t want to take my insecurities, my rejections, my low self-esteem, etc., and project it to them. I also don’t want my husband to do the same to me and the kids so the best way to prevent that from happening is that we see therapy individually and together before we even get into marriage. After we can take our findings to God and have Him deal with them before we can even start a new life together.

We are all messed up one way or the other and if we need food for the soul, medication for our physical health then we need therapy for our mental health. Jackie Hill Perry once said; “a good therapy will point you to God.” If we take time and ask God to point us to good therapy, it will point us back to God after it has helped us realize and acknowledge our brokenness which will help us be better human beings. We can’t be better human beings if we live in fear, in anger, in resent, in envy, etc. we need to do better for ourselves, our loved ones, and mostly for our future generation. Your personality might be your coping mechanism because of what you have been through, the way we act and do things is mostly a response to what we went through as kids. We wouldn’t know that till we speak to someone who is taught to deal with such. Let’s seek help so that we will do better for our loved ones! We sure don’t want to fall so let’s seek guidance from counselors that God will lead us to. He is for us and He is with us through it all!

“For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord!’’
-Jeremiah 30:17a

Let us allow God to restore health to us and heal our wounds by first acknowledging that we are messed up and wounded somehow and realizing where and how then allow Him to do the restoring and healing. Thank you for being here, be blessed!

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