“So above all, constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from Him. Then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly.”
-Matthew 6:33

You are probably wondering what is Jesus time? Well, Jesus time is the time that you spend with Jesus daily. I and a few others call this time Jesus time, I even introduced 30 minutes on iTheku FM during our weekend dawn session which takes place every week from 7-10 as Jesus time. Our Jesus time there is from 7:30 – 8:00, in that session we share the word, motivations, songs, or whatever that you think will be encouraging to someone else who is listening.

Jesus time is not just spending time with Jesus, it’s you doing the bonding session with Jesus through everything and all things in between. During Jesus time, you can pray, read the word, listen to praise and worship, sing yourself out, dance for the Lord, do whatever you feel like doing for the Lord in His presence, and also rest and be still and listen as the Lord speaks to you. Jesus time is about you spending time with Jesus, when you spend time with someone you talk and then allow them to talk back while you listen, that is real communication, it must not be one-sided. That’s exactly what Jesus time is all about; talking to God and allowing Him to talk back to you while you listen.

Different people have their Jesus time at different times, it doesn’t really matter how and when do you have your Jesus time as long as you have it because at the end of the day you need to talk to Jesus but mostly you need Him to talk to you. Some people prefer doing their Jesus time in the morning as they say they want Him to be the first person they talk and listen to in the morning. Some prefer doing it in the afternoon saying they want Jesus to be the last person they talk and listen to before they sleep. Either one is good you can choose the time that suits you or just do both, wake up early and spend few minutes with God and do the same again when you sleep, it will do you good.

Spending time with Jesus makes you a better version of yourself. Once you start having your Jesus time and get used to it, the day you get too busy in such a way that you miss your Jesus time you will feel it. You will know without a doubt that you are missing something and deep down you will know that Jesus time is what you are missing.

A week ago I was at my friend’s place, I didn’t have my Jesus time that morning cause I normally have my Jesus time twice. In the morning I wake up pray then do my Bible plan and read my verse of the day from the YouVersion Bible app and then listen to what God has to say to me about the day ahead. Then before I sleep I listen to praise and worship, read a chapter of the book I am currently reading at that particular moment then pray and listen again. So that day I had missed my morning routine and I felt overwhelmed. Yes, we are currently going through something at home which makes it understandable why I was feeling overwhelmed but spending time with Jesus helps me to be at peace and trust Him to do what only He can. That day I felt myself carrying all the pressure on my shoulders and I knew why I was feeling like that. I asked my friend to please excuse me and I opened my Bible and listened as God spoke to me through His word then I listened to my worship songs. After that I felt a lot much better, it made me feel very much at peace with myself and with everything happening around me. That’s what Jesus time does for you!
If you don’t have Jesus time I beg you to please try it. You can have it once a day in the morning or the afternoon, it’s up to you but take time to spend with Jesus. Don’t allow being busy or tired to stop you from listening or talking to Jesus. You can listen to the Bible instead of reading it and also listen to worship instead of singing yourself. If you can’t do it yourself, allow someone to do it for you, while you listen. It is important and it will help you in so many ways.

“One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is spending time with God.”

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