Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee. -Song of Solomon 4:7

If anyone were to call me perfect, “all fair” and say they don’t see any spot in me, I swear I’d probably be offended and think it’s a mockery. Not only because the person would be mocking me, but it will be because I know myself, I know my flops, I know my failures, I know my mistakes, and sometimes if not always I judge myself unworthy to be called a child of God. I know am not the only one who wouldn’t want anyone to call them “all fair”, right? all because we know ourselves and with any of our innocence we claim, we can never reach a level of worthiness to be called “all fair”.

Even though our human thinking and mind don’t allow us to call ourselves “all fair”. God says there is no spot in you, you are just as perfect to Him. Imagine God the almighty, the master and author of perfection, Him who cannot sin, cannot make any mistake, and cannot lie, calling me “all fair” meaning am perfect. It sounds like an error right? It sounds like a huge mistake to be called all perfect by the master of the universe, the omniscient one. If you are full of flops like me, you are probably arguing within yourself that this excludes you, you cannot be called perfect by the God who sees you day and night.

It is hard for one to believe they could possibly be worthy and loved by God to such an extent of being called “all fair”. However the good news is God cannot lie, He means what He says. Yes, believe it, He knows you and all your imperfections and still says He loves you and you are so perfect for Him. This may seem like a ticket to sin and disobedience but rather it is a call to strive for perfection. It is a call to say you can still run to God, and He will still welcome you because there is Jesus who was called wrong without being wrong, so you could be called right. So now we can boldly say we have a right standing with God.

With my own understanding, I can never convince myself into this truth, It is the conviction of the Holy Spirit that helps us grasp it. So many times we measure our goodness and right standing with God by keeping our principles and following some of His principles. But the truth is, us being good and sticking to our principles doesn’t make God be God in our lives. God was God before you, and He is God with you and He is God even without you. So don’t ever for a moment think it is your responsibility to hold Him up.

Many are running away from God just because they failed to keep their word to Him. The failures and the errors you make don’t put God down. He is God and knows you cannot reach the standard of His goodness on your own. You need Him to be good, you are loved even after your downfalls. How many times have we made promises and still break them? like how many times have we messed up on the way? All these things have never degraded God, He remains the almighty because His self sufficient and will always be.

Remember the illustration of a prodigal son, when the father welcomed him home, the prodigal son knew he wasn’t worthy to be called his son. Rather he wanted to be one of his servants however the love of the father couldn’t allow him to disown his son. That is how God’s love to us is, He will never reject you as His own, He will always accept and welcome you home. All you need is the boldness to acknowledge your need for Him and go back to Him.

If there is one thing that I fail to comprehend is the love of God, it goes much deeper than one can even fathom. I mean what kind of love never changes regardless of failures, ignorance, and being denied over and over again?. It can only be God’s love as we learn in our opening verse, that He loves us so much that He even calls us fair and, that there is no spot in us. That can only be God’s love!

There is a place where you belong, it is in God. You are loved even if you are in that mess. Even if you are already part of God’s family, do not run away after you’ve messed up. Come back to His arms. There is enough blood to wash you and make you pure. We have an assurance that “nothing shall ever separate us from the love of God”. His love for you is much deeper than you can imagine, rest assured that you belong and You Are loved by the God Almighty through it all!

Written by Khanani Mabasa

5 thoughts on “GOD’S UNFAILING LOVE!

  1. It was lovely reading this piece. It found me at the most right time. I had just texted a friend because I wanted words of affirmation and encouragement then I bumped into the link and here I am feeling affirmed and courageous.

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