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“God’s message came to me: “What do you see, Jeremiah?” I said, “A walking stick that’s all.” And God said, “Good eyes! I am sticking with you. I’ll make every word I give you come true.”
– Jeremiah 1: 11-12

For the past few weeks, I have been reminded and challenged to read more of the word of God and then speak more of it over my life. Every second or third post I came across these past few weeks has been a reminder that I need to read more of the word of God and confess it more. A certain pastor even suggested that you play it in your car, while you bathe, clean, work, or do whatever play the word of God. It could be through listening to a sermon, music, or the bible audio itself. I was once told that even in my sleep I can play the bible and have it playing while I sleep because while I am asleep my spirit man is very much awake. I have never really done that, but I believe it’s high time I read more of the word of God because it’s everything and all things in between and mostly God greatly and deeply values His word.

In the above scripture, God is doing an illustration for Jeremiah to show Him that He will stick with Him until His word come to pass. God honors His word so much that once you remind Him of His word, He will surely act upon it because He values His word. The word of God says, “God is not a man that He should lie, not a human being, that He should change His mind. Does He speak and then not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?” -Numbers 23:19. This assures us that God is nothing like us, we lie, we change our minds, we don’t keep our promises, but God is nothing like that. He always comes through for His word, He stands by His word always. In the book of 2 Timothy 2:13, we are being told that even if we are not faithful God remains faithful. It goes on and says that is because He can’t deny Himself, faithfulness is who He is. He will have to stop being Himself before He can turn away from His word, He has no option but to do what He said He will do because He can’t deny Himself.

With all this said all I am trying to say is dig deep into the word of God, read the word of God, listen to the word of God but most believe and obey the word of God because if you don’t believe and obey it, God can’t act on it. As much as He doesn’t deny Himself, He also doesn’t do anything without our permission, we must give Him a go-ahead to act by including both obedience and faith in it all. The word of God tells us that without faith it’s impossible to please God, so read the word of God, believe it, and then put it into practice (obey it, do as it says). Do your part and God will do His part, your part is reading the word, indulging in the word, believing it, and then put it into practice then God’s part is acting upon His word. He will do what He said He will do in His word, that’s His part and He is faithful enough to do exactly that. When the go gets hard and you don’t know what else to do or say; speak the word, speak it out loud and boldly knowing that God will respond to His word faithfully so.

Lastly, filling yourself with the word of God will help you to have your heart in the right place and so speak the right things that are edifying, purified, and built. We are told that; “From the abundance of our hearts, the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45)” and also Jackie said; “Pay attention to your words so that you can know your heart.” Our words and our hearts are connected, let’s work on the heart by filling ourselves with the word of God. That will also help our words and then we will see that indeed God greatly and deeply values His word.

Thank you, be blessed as you indulge in the word, and don’t forget to pray for clarity as you read/ listen to the word of God!

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