Today as I was reading my devotion, I realized that it’s day 328 which means we are only left with 37 days till year-end. By the time you read this maybe we will be left with 30 or fewer days in 2021, so the year is basically ending but I am here to tell you that it hasn’t ended yet. Don’t throw away your vision for 2021 yet, wait until the 31st of December at exactly 23:59 then you can say I am moving with this vision to 2022 but for now hold on to it for dear life. God can still do amazingly, abundantly above all you can imagine.

One thing about God is He can do things that take us years to achieve in just a split of a second, it doesn’t take Him much to do what He wants to do when He wants to do it. You prayed and trusted God for an answer in 2021 but you haven’t received it yet, you can still receive it, there is still time. Especially if He promised you, He is going to do it, rest assured He will. Just wait upon Him and His timing. He is a faithful kind of God! In the book of Romans 10:23, the word of God says: “Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep His promise.” If He has promised that He will do it, He will! That is why I am saying even if the clock strikes 23:59 without your prayer or request being answered, cross over to 2022 with that request with the hope and faith that He will do it. it might not be today or tomorrow not even next year however when the time is right, He sure will do it because He is an able God, UNAKO!

For the first time this year, I did a yearly vision board, and I am happy to tell you that almost everything in my 2021 vision board has come to pass. There is only one thing that hasn’t passed yet but with this thing, I did tell God that I am willing to wait until the 31st when the clock strikes 00:00 until I get my answer so I am not worried or moved by the fact that I haven’t gotten my answer yet but also even if I didn’t mention it to God that with this one vision He can make it happen anytime as long as it is this year. With this revelation it would have struck me that I need to hold on to this up until the last day of 2021 then I can say maybe God will respond to this one next year. I wish I had also included material things or touchable things in my vision board but it’s all not visible in the human eye, I just know God did it all and I saw it all happen besides this remaining one and I know it will also happen. With this little testimony, I want you to hold on even if your things are material or maybe you prayed for a job for 2021 or a baby or whatever just rest assured that Jesus can still do it even if it’s in the last hour of 2021, He can still do it! Nothing is too hard for Him and He is never late to His promises.

Knowing God and Knowing His capabilities helps in trusting Him even when situations are saying otherwise. You keep trusting and holding on to the promises of God because you know your God, you know He stands by His word. I am here to remind you that God is for you, He stands by His word. Uyalimela izwi lakhe! Get back to prayer, pray about that issue, keep trusting Him to do what only He can even before this year ends because He can still do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). Don’t throw away that prayer book, those prayer items hold on to them, God is still in the process of answering prayers, changing lives, touching, and doing what only He can! 2021 is not over yet, hold on. God can still do what He said He will! And I believe you will stand and testify about Him keeping His promises and answering prayers only if you wait on Him.

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