“Thanksgiving is a practical orientation to a lifestyle of genuinely and continual appreciation to the acts of God in one’s life”

Sometimes I wish I was from America or any other country where they go all out for Thanksgiving but hey even in my church we try. Every year in December all POGA’s local churches dedicate one Sunday to Thanksgiving, which is all about bringing forth offering to say thank you to God nothing much. With the PMB local church, it’s all different. The past weekend was our Thanksgiving weekend, We started on Saturday, and ended on Sunday, though it was tiring but boy oh boy it was amazing and fulfilling. We had a great weekend, and I knew that I love this, and I most definitely will have this in my house one day in the near future! I want us to have Thanksgiving where we dedicate a day to thanking the Lord for it all while having the best meals ever, playing music, dancing, laughing, and chatting on top of our voice (Me writing it here is somehow a prayer, asking God that may it be so!). The book of 1 Thessalonians 5:18 urges us to give thanks in all circumstances not only in perfect times but in all circumstances we are to give thanks. It goes on to say it is God’s will for us, if you want to do the will of God, give thanks in all circumstances.

I know you probably didn’t get half of the things you requested from God for this year, maybe you got all nos for all your requests but still, God’s will is that you say Thank you, Lord. Do you know why? Because you didn’t get what you prayed for or what was in your vision board for the year but there is still a lot to be grateful for, there is still a lot to thank God for. For instance, I got my vision board, but I didn’t get half of the things I prayed about this year but the fact that I am alive, my family, friends, etc. they are all well and alive that is something I thank God for. That’s something to be joyful for because I didn’t do anything to deserve such, God did it. You might have buried a family member of which I am sorry about, but I am sure there is something to thank God for that He did, a prayer He answered, or whatever. Well, He wants us to always thank Him regardless of how bad or good that time is, so I pray that you find it in your heart to celebrate and say, thank you Lord no matter how hard it is. Just do the will of God it might do you better than harm, always Thank the Lord!

Looking at the two scenes in the bible John 11:41 and Matthew 14: 17-21, we see the power of thanksgiving. In John 11, Lazarus was dead and had already been buried before Jesus woke him up, He says; “Thank you Lord because you always hear me.” That there is thanksgiving which opened a doorway for God to do a miracle, seemingly this one a hopeless situation but Jesus giving thanks to God before everything else did the things! Matthew 14, there were 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread and five thousand people. We see Jesus thanking God for the food before breaking it, after thanksgiving, He breaks the food, and it is more than enough to feed the five thousand people. I believe that both these cases would have turned out differently if Jesus didn’t say a Thanksgiving prayer before performing what needed to be performed. I low key believe that Thanksgiving is a doorway to a miracle but just like you even me I fail to Thank God when there is just a lot that is going wrong in my life. When there is just a lot that doesn’t make sense, all I want to do is complain and murmur and feel like God has favoritism. So, we need to ask Him to help us to murmur and complain less and thank Him more. Maybe just maybe that will help us see some doorways being opened in front of us, we might just see the glory of God shining bright in front of us before the year ends. We sure need that right, seeing the glory of the Lord in 2021? I know I do!

As we end the year, it is good to pause from all other activities and just go before God with Psalm 103:2 (Bless the Lord oh my soul and do not forget all His benefit). Think about the good things He did for you throughout the year. One thing I am sure of is He kept you, He fought so many battles for you and your loved ones, all these are worth all the praise. Take some time before the year-end and bring some thanksgiving to God, thank Him without complaining and murmuring just kneel and say Lord thank you! While you are at it, don’t forget to have a great festive season, a merry Christmas, and a very Happy New year! I pray you to see the goodness of the Lord this festive season, I pray you to step in into answered prayers and don’t forget to be intentional in offering your thanksgiving to God and to adopt the lifestyle of thanksgiving while being genuine and intentional about it all! Thank you so much for being here, be blessed!

Have a Christ-seasoned everything, I love you and I appreciate you a lot ❤!

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