DEAR God! I am praying for the person reading this blog post right now. Lord, I pray that you bless them. I pray you bless them as they enter a new season of their lives. Lord your word says there is a season for everything and that means no season lasts forever dear Lord. So, Lord, we are grateful that this change of season in the world means a change of season even in the spiritual realm, in our minds, in our situations, and our lives as a whole. Lord, we are trusting you for a change, we are trusting you for a major shift in our lives, and we trust that you can and there is nothing too hard for you. Right now, Lord, I pray that may your perfect will and plan come to pass for the person reading this blog post. May you meet them at the places of their need oh dear Lord. I know you can, and I know you are doing so right now. I trust you and I love you, be God even now in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!

New season, new ways, and new intros I guess lol. Towards the end of August, I joined a midday gate on Facebook where we are reading the Word and praying every day. It’s been amazing and life-changing and that’s where I learned that this season that we just entered into is the Ember season and that is because of three of the months in this season end with Ember. That being September, November, and December, and October which also ends with “ber” so Ember season it is.

In the book of Job 22:28, the word of God says: “You will also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you, and the light [of God’s favour] shall shine upon your ways.” That means you sit down with God and then make a decision that aligns with God’s plan and will for your life and decree it then God promises that whatever that is it will be established. My request this season is that we spend more time with God and let Him show us His plan and will for our lives this Ember season and then we decree that, we speak that until it come to pass. We speak it trusting God that it will come to pass. We should hold God in His word, as Sarah did we should hold on to the word of God because He who promised is faithful to keep His promises (Hebrews 10:23).

We can only hear from God and hold Him accountable for what He said when we are in right standing with Him. That means we need to cleanse ourselves and be in the right place to receive from Him. He said we must be holy as He is, so to receive from Him we must be holy. The frequency we use in the things of God is Holiness (being in the right standing with God) and faith (trusting that He will do just what He said He will do).

Let’s develop the habit of rebuking anything that is not of God in our lives, deprogram everything that the enemy has installed in our lives, our new season, our upcoming year, and start programming it with the word of God, the things of God, His plan and His will. Just like how God instructed Ezekiel to speak into the dry bones, let’s also learn to speak into our situations trusting that Jesus can, and He will. Our God is able, there is nothing too hard for Him, we just need to do our part and let Him do what only Him can do!


I wish you a great Ember season, usually known as the festive season. May you see the goodness of God in your life this season. May God do you good in all areas of your life. Be blessed and thank you for being here, you are loved and highly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “THE EMBER SEASON!

  1. Wooooooow absolutely beautiful I like the idea of Ember Season and Job 22 just the suitable verse for this season especially for me. God bless 🙏🤍

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