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The Lord is good and does what is right; He shows the proper path to those who go astray.
-Psalms 25:8

Naturally, we all want to look good and be known as good people. Not certain if it is everyone however I used to like it when someone point me as a good person until lately when I find it as a mockery and I get offended by that. The reason is that I feel like this is just someone trying to set a certain standard on how I should live my life and I am not certain if I will always keep up to the standard of being ‘good’. So I am okay with not being a good person, for instance, if someone calls me good because I have been nice to them, what about the day I won’t be as nice. If you are called good because you gave them something, what about the day you will not have anything to give. All these show us that we can never be good enough to be called good.

If you are one of those who’ve been trying so hard to look good and be a good person, save that energy for something else because your goodness will never be enough. Stop being good and be yourself. This is not a ticket to a self-centered life however an alarm to say, that’s like chasing the wind, you will never get what you are trying to achieve.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus never liked the Pharisees and the scribes? These were good people, they knew the scriptures back and forth and were known for keeping the law, they always defended the law however Jesus called them hypocrites. If Jesus called them hypocrites it means they pretended to be something that they were not. They always looked good, appeared good, they were teaching others the law but Jesus seeing what’s done in the closest and seeing their hearts, knew they were hypocrites. This is because they couldn’t do those things they wanted others to do, it was hard to even for them to keep up with the standard. So we can say Jesus never liked good people, or He doesn’t like good people, as it only leads to hypocrisy.

No one should be called good, in Mark 10:18 the Bible says “No one is good except God alone”. Actually, these are the words of Jesus rebuking those who called Him “good teacher” Jesus walked worthy to be called good but He never approved that, because He didn’t want to set a standard for being used by God, fewer people should think He did the miracles because He was a good person. It was the goodness of God that worked in Him to do the miracles. God is pure but He calls the impure and purifies them so that no one can ever boast in their own works. Pride dies when we appear before God because our purest self can never qualify us to appear before Him.

So it might be your own good works that are hindering you to experience the goodness of the Lord. While some are not coming closer to God thinking they are not good enough or rather have no good works to qualify them to access God. The good news is that you can come as you are, you don’t even have to pretend to be something that you are not. God wants His goodness to work through you, and in you. Think about this, why would Jesus die for the good? It means there wouldn’t be any need for Him to die if we could be qualified by our own good works.

You can now stop trying to look good before God and others. With your own strength you will always fail, personally, I know I always fail even to do the simplest thing. My goodness always gets exhausted, I cannot love others for long with my own love, I rather depend on God to help me love others the way I should. The least we can do is to accept the goodness of the Father that works in us to enable us to do good. Jesus died for us so that we can rely on His blood to cleanse us, purify us, and help us walk in His ways. May God help us understand that we are already qualified by the blood of Jesus to come before Him.
With all this said, you don’t need the be good for God to be for you. As the scripture above says; “the Lord is good”, He is the good one, not me or you Him. So, come to Him as you are and let Him do the work in you because He can, UNAKO!

The Lord is good to everyone. He showers compassion on all His creation.
-Psalms 145:9


Written by Khanani Mabasa

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